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HANUMAN Coin (HANC) is Inspired by Hanuman's unwavering support to Rama for the greater good of World, HANC champions early-stage startups with groundbreaking ideas, fostering innovation for a better world. Join us as we empower pioneering concepts and catalyze positive change in the startup ecosystem.

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HANUMAN Coin Has Total Supply of


For Team 10% is Allocated

Coins - 200,000,000,000

Security Lock Checked

For Marketing 10 % is Allocated

Coins - 200,000,000,000

For Presale and Liquidity 20% is Allocated

Coins - 400,000,000,000

For Ecosystem Development 10% is Allocated

Coins - 200,000,000,000

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How we do it?

At Hanuman Coin, we believe in the power of community-driven decisions. Every choice we make is put to a vote, ensuring that every member has a voice in shaping our future. Each quarter, investment opportunities are presented to the community, and through majority vote, we collectively decide on our next steps. Together, we pave the way for partnerships with startups, fueled by the collective wisdom and vision of our community & Share the Profits with Community.Join us as we embark on this journey of innovation and empowerment.

Application for tie-ups

community voting

Invested startup’s

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Application For Tie-Ups

The initial step in the investment journey with the startup involves applying for tie-ups. Those interested in tying up with The Hanuman Army Community should send an email to, providing comprehensive details about their project. Upon receiving the application, we meticulously review it before proceeding to the next stage, where the community will vote on the investment.

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community voting

After approval for the next stage, the project is showcased on the website with a voting option. To ensure fairness and provide ample opportunities for both the community and the project, eligibility criteria for voting will be determined based on the project type and required investment amount.

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invested startups

To secure investment from the Hanuman Army, a startup must secure a minimum of 60% of votes from eligible members. Once approved, funds in $HUNC will be released according to the agreement. Any profits will be distributed to community members via airdrop or direct $HUNC deposit, contingent upon membership before the investment.

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Roadmap 1

Set Clear Goals

Website Goes Live

Establish Social Channels

Phase 1

Phase 3

Marketing Initiation(CEX)

CoinMarketCap Application

CoinGecko Application

Phase 4

DEX Listing

Accept Applications for Startup’s when HANC Reaches 5K+ Holders


Create and Audit Contract

Presale and Liquidity

Building Community

Phase 2

Phase 5

Community Incentives


Listing in all Exchanges

We are deeply committed to our mission, which is why we have chosen to lock the total team tokens for one year using Pinklock. This lock can be verified in the Block Explorer.

Hanuman Coin is a limited supply cryptocurrency with no option for minting additional coins. This design choice ensures that the coin's value is preserved by preventing any dilution through the creation of new coins.

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Presale will be in three stages based on development of project in different stages.


Before launching the token liquidity pool, an initial presale offering will commence. This presale will feature the initial price of the Hanuman Coin, determined by the project's tokenomics.


This presale will begin after the liquidity pool is integrated into platforms like UniSwap, preceding its listing on exchanges for full trading.


This presale will occur prior to any tie-ups with startups, offering the coin below market value to ensure everyone has the opportunity to join the Hanuman Army.

White Paper


Investing in cryptocurrencies, including The Hanuman Coin (HANC), involves a high degree of risk. The value of HANC tokens can be volatile, and you should only invest money that you can afford to lose. This white paper is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Always conduct your own research and consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions. The Hanuman Coin team is not responsible for any financial losses or legal consequences resulting from your participation in the HANC ecosystem.


Lord Hanuman Face

The Hanuman Coin (HANC) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency designed to support early-stage startups with innovative ideas while fostering a community-driven ecosystem. HANC empowers its community by involving members in decision-making processes, sharing profits, and promoting transparency. This white paper outlines the vision, mission, and mechanics of The Hanuman Coin, emphasizing its commitment to driving innovation and community engagement.


Ram name chanting in circle pattern in hindi calligraphy typography, jai shree Ram , meditation

The Hanuman Coin is named after Hanuman, a revered figure known for his strength, devotion, and commitment to service. Inspired by these qualities, The Hanuman Coin aims to build a resilient and supportive community that aids startups in realizing their potential and contributes to a better world.

Vision & Mission


To create a thriving ecosystem where innovation flourishes, driven by a community that is empowered, engaged, and rewarded.


To support early-stage startups through community-driven investments and transparent profit-sharing, fostering a culture of innovation and shared success.

Key Features

Community-Driven Decisions

Voting System:HANC holders can vote on which startups receive investments. Each startup must secure at least 60% of the community's votes to receive funding.

Proposal Submission:Startups submit proposals to the community via

Startup Support

Funding: Startups receive financial support from The Hanuman Coin based on community votes.

Mentorship and Resources: Startups gain access to a network of mentors and resources to aid their development.

Profit Sharing

Airdrops: Profits from successful startups are shared with the community through airdrops of HANC tokens.

Direct Deposits: Alternatively, profits can be directly deposited into community members' wallets.


Regular Updates: The Hanuman Coin team provides regular updates on investment decisions, startup progress, and financial performance.

Public Ledger: All transactions and voting outcomes are recorded on a public blockchain for complete transparency.

Engagement Metrics

Proof of Performance: Collaborators must show proof of marketing efforts and user engagement metrics during a trial period before full-time collaboration is considered.

The Hanuman Coin Economy

Initial Token Distribution: 2 million HANC tokens will be distributed in an airdrop campaign to the first 2000 accounts that follow, like, retweet the Twitter post, and comment their ETH wallets.

Staking: Community members can stake HANC tokens to earn rewards and increase their voting power.

Utility: HANC tokens can be used for voting, staking, and accessing exclusive community features.

Where to buy?

Currently the Hanuman coin is available for trade on below exchanges .

We are working with other exchanges to make $HANC available for

everyone, Please be with us

Thank you

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Thank you from hanuman army

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Join the mighty Hanuman Army by connecting with us through the social links provided in our contact details. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!

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